Public Risk

Public entities have unique responsibilities and burdens interacting with the public on a day-to-day basis.  KPM Law helps public entities including but not limited to: cities/towns/counties/localities, parks, schools, law enforcement, and other emergency personnel navigate risks associated with serving the public.  In areas where safety is paramount, KPM Law and its experienced attorneys are skilled at advising, assisting, and defending public entities when things go awry.  We are skilled at recognizing the unique objectives of public entities and pursue resolution and trial strategies to best suit their specific needs.

At KPM, we combine adept knowledge of evolving laws with the invaluable experience that comes from working with courts, judges, and opposing attorneys routinely involved with such cases, providing a clear advantage for a successful defense. KPM skillfully communicates with risk managers, insurance carriers, claims representatives, and medical experts to adequately address concerns raised during pending litigation and support our clients throughout an often stressful process.

Daniel Royce, Managing Partner