Workers’ Compensation

At KPM, we believe the most effective partnership in defending workers’ compensation claims is made by clients and counsel who have a solid, trusting relationship. You put your company’s good name on the line by relying on us to defend your claims, and we care about your reputation as much as we do our own. We know that a well-respected, good name in any industry comes from good, honest, hard work – the only kind we know.

KPM aggressively defends and represents insurance companies and employers in fast-paced workers’ compensation cases in industries ranging from fast food and restaurant chains, to national and local retailers, churches and charitable organizations, to construction companies and more. Our defense is tailored to quickly optimize short and long term results so that our clients not only benefit from the outcome of the case at hand, but are also able to effectively strategize to improve the claims process in the future.

The expeditious nature of workers’ compensation cases require seasoned litigators with comprehensive knowledge of the law and the impact the law has on employers, insurance carriers, and self-insured organizations. Our team of aggressive advocates and experts partner with claims adjusters, supervisors, human resource personnel, and medical providers seeking creative litigation strategies and case management solutions to ensure a successful defense and facilitate more efficient and effective operations. Our attorneys provide insurers and employers unparalleled support through a variety of means including ongoing communication, training, and the timely sharing of vital information.

At KPM, you can expect:

  • Q&A: Access to experienced attorneys who provide legal advice on both assigned and unassigned claims
  • Communication: Timely communication on all claims, prompt return of all calls and emails, access to up-to-date legal information, exceptional responsiveness
  • Education: Complimentary legal training in various formats ranging from formal classroom instruction to casual luncheon discussions
  • Work Comp at a Glance: Annually updated at-a-glance information providing a regional summary of the law and Commission information
  • News Articles: Periodic updates regarding legal issues affecting employers and insurers addressing substantive, procedural, and tactical nuances for regional claims
  • Educational Opportunities: Special events to learn about the law as it relates to workplace, review safety policies, and identify practices that impact Virginia legal defense