Brian Cafritz 

Managing Partner


KPM is widely recognized as a national leader in the defense of retail and restaurant enterprises. A flagship member of the National Retail and Restaurant Defense Association, two KPM attorneys proudly serve on the Board of Directors and as Committee Chairs. NRRDA’s sole mission is to promote the interests of retail and restaurant businesses by reducing litigation claims and costs, and developing defense strategies.  The firm’s extensive involvement with the organization, ensures our clients benefit from our attorneys’ in-depth understanding of the unique challenges these businesses face.

Through its representation of many national retail and restaurant chains, KPM has successfully defended many common and not so common issues facing the industry, such as:

  • Loss Prevention and Merchant Privileges
  • Falling Merchandise
  • Products Liability
  • Defective store, parking lot, and sidewalk conditions
  • Intentional Torts and Third Party Criminal Acts
  • Alcohol Service Claims
  • Food Borne Illness/ Foreign Objects
  • Gift Card Litigation
  • ADA Claims
  • Tender and Indemnity Cases

There is no substitute for experience and knowledge, and KPM’s Restaurant & Retail practice group celebrates over 20 years honing both our skills and our craft. Our vast experience defending these businesses, studying this industry, and developing policies and practices within the field has led KPM to the forefront of Restaurant & Retail Defense. We are able to effectively investigate, litigate, and try cases with uncompromised economic efficiency and an exceptional rate of success.

Count on the attorneys of KPM to:

  • Provide litigation and investigative services following incidents
  • Conduct employee training, make policy recommendations and develop best practice guides designed to identify concerns before incidents occur
  • Improve actions and reactions to incidents should they occur