Kate Adams 

Managing Partner


Commercial vehicle accidents often have catastrophic consequences, and claims against transportation insurers, trucking companies, and other motor freight related entities require the experienced counsel of highly knowledgeable attorneys as well as skilled investigators, engineers, and industry experts. A successful defense can hinge on obtaining and preserving key evidence immediately after an incident, and the attorneys at KPM, strategically located offices, are able to respond effectively to coordinate the efforts of this highly specialized team of experts.

Motor carrier litigation requires knowledge of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, transportation standards of care, document retention, and spoliation and accident reconstruction to effectively address personal injuries, fatalities, property damage, cargo concerns, and coverage. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, expert counsel, and more than thirty years of experience defending insurers and trucking companies, KPM and our elite response team is fit for the challenge of increasingly aggressive motor carrier cases.